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Latest signing on hospital records, even Tony Colman described him in the same breath as a young High Contrast on a podcast not so long ago.

Got that Lincoln-style melodic sounds, soaring vocals with a warm bassline underneath and the occasional chainsaw electro where suitable.

Check out Eyes Closed - newer release of his here. Lush play on the vocals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaIDEqtMIag

And of course 'I Refuse', the tune that cracked him onto the scene.

Unlikely to be at the top of a bill, but have a gander, he might just make the main event look a bit shit.

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Apologies for the brief hiatus.

Amongst other things we're tied up in weddings (my own), moving from bristol to london and changes in employment. Back on the case now so all is well for the forseeable.

Few important things to bring up that have come to light over the last few weeks

1. Have you heard the Breakage essential mix?! its fierce. for someone to mix such a diversity of music, and find that fantastic mid-point between trying-too-hard and drawn-out-and-boring, is quite an acheivement! If you're even remotely interested in dubstep, squeaks and bleeps house and alt-drum n bass then i strongly recommend a listen, one of the best I've heard in ages.

2. Been trying to listen to 'new' music still. One is Indian influenced dance style music - the soaring vocals and tribal percussion can be devastating when pulled off. I recommend 'Transglobal Underground'. Soon to be near-headlining the Avalon stage on Friday at Glastonbury, definitely worth a listen.

3. Also the impending popularity of gypsy/balkan influence with house music. One that springs to mind is Sebastian Leger's 'Balkamaniac'. You can check it out here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KYYLYLBPZY . Traditionally I like to jump head first onto the bandwagon of this-music-is-immediately-very-annoying, but i've grown increasingly fond of the summer-style happiness it comes with.

4. And finally, have you heard the new chemical brothers tune!? absolutely blinding, always amazed by the Chems, dont know how they keep it up after so long at the top of their game. Maximum MAXIMUM respect. Here's to hoping they'll satisfy the 'strong rumour' of a Glastonbury performance, I can't begin to describe how happy that would make me, possibly the biggest live dance heavyweight in the industry, never having damaged their integrity (a la Prodigy) and always deliver a huge performance. Check out the Youtube video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvYz8tCrAkg

Lots of love to all - I'm back on it now so i'll stay in touch!

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High Contrast.... ahhh Lincoln, breathing life into the drum and bass scene for the budding bass music nerd - offering hope to those who have swapped the tracksuit bottoms and a burberry hat, for a cup of tea and an old cardigan.

If We Ever and the Adele remix (hometown glory for those of you who've been on another planet) sprung Linc into the limelight with the easiest tunes to mix, as well as being intensely happy and generally timeless. Lest we forget absolute boom-town classics like Days go by, twighlights last gleaming (happiest dnb tune of all time? check yourself via this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lF0WTMqc1k ) and lesser spotted favourite of mine - mr majestik and the other side in collab with Northern Irish Drum n bass rarity Calibre.

High Contrast is now established as the Welsh poster-boy for geeks into DnB on the side when not analysing art-nouveua film productions and checking out free galleries.

But has Nero offered a route into Dubstep in a similar fashion? Absolutely plain looking in appearance, quite easily aspired to by those leaving their school years with a midi keyboard and a set of decks in their bedroom at their parents. AND they make HUGE remixes of tunes that are otherwise 'radio'hits.

Check these for example. Massive entries into the bootleg remix market on the dubstep scene, it has to be said - they could sound fairly similar, but if the first remix was brilliant.... if it ain't broke....

Check it out.

The Streets - Blinded by the lights (Nero rmx)

MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero rmx)

Calvin Harris - You used to hold me (Nero rmx)

Deadmau5 - Ghosts and stuff (Nero rmx)

DJ Fresh - Hypercaine (Nero rmx)

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Is electro getting a small revival...!?!


Almost certainly not. Unless you're a fluorescent-hat-and-sunglasses-wearing-even-when-you're-inside kind of idiot.

Though it has to be said, folks such as erol alkan, jack beats, fake blood and co do know how to kill a dancefloor when its required of them.

If there is one thing we can be grateful to this haircut-sporting-big-trainer-wearing movement of DJs and revellers alike, at least they've got fucking minimal techno out of the way.

Anyway heres some half decent electro/jackin house style tunes in the meantime.

Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok

Boyz Noise feat. Erol Alkan - Waves

Boyz Noise - Ah! (A-Trak Remix)

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With artists now realising the money is in live performance, as record sales are plummeting, its done nothing if not kick a few bands into shape and get them to play live to the audiences who are dying to see them on tour.

Time spent bouncing around various gigs/performances on YouTube is always justified when you come across an absolute winner of a tune played live with devastating effect. I've decided to post a few examples of what I'm on about. Some I was at, and some that I wish I was....

First up is Daft Punk. I wasn't actually at this gig, but as anyone who knows Daft Punk will be aware, they mash up their own tunes from inside their world famous light-show pyramid (which incidentally looks like this from their view)

This particular video of their mash up between the two classics - Aerodynamic and One More Time, the crowd reaction says it all.

Second up is Chemical Brothers @ Glastonbury 2007 playing Star Guitar, in my view one of the greatest festival tunes to watch live of all time. Chemical Bros always put on a huge show, and Star Guitar is that ultimate mix of electronica and happy festival feeling... perfect to get the dancing shoes on for a festival (aaargh i cant wait until glastonbury this year!! chemical brothers are rumoured - but with orbital and faithless already as good as confirmed where the hell will they be on the bill if they are playing???)

Thirdly and finally - bit off kilter but this always makes my hairs stand on end, just because you can see the band really appreciating the ridiculous crowd reaction. Fiancé took me to see FLC in Bristol recently as part of my christmas present and it was absolutely brilliant. Fair play - Huey is such a legend

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Been a brief hiatus - but back on top of it again now, played a coupla gigs in Bristol of late, but back on churning out some shows. gotta few crackers for you.

This particular installment is a bit of escapism from the norm, rockin out some reggae, nujazz and broken beat rather than the usual larger than life basslines.

Next instalment looking fairly house/liquid drum n bass happy, with a final smasher coming after that. We're looking for some guest slots to tie in nicely with our SPP facebook fan page launch - gotta few crackin DJs lined up already.... exciting times!! Tap us up if you're interested in getting involved. Leave a comment on this article :)

Anyway usual bizness. check this URL and click 'add to itunes' to subsribe. also we're getting enough love on the twitter page too these days - hit us up on www.twitter.com/stoppauseplay if thats your thing! safe!

  1. Kaori - Good life remix
  2. I, Monster - daydream
  3. Pure P - Human Nature (remix)
  4. The Roots - Seed 2.0
  5. Primal Scream - Loaded
  6. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. II
  7. Nas - NY State of Mind
  8. Depeche Mode - Dream On (Dave Clarke remix)
  9. Ben Westbeech - Get Silly
  10. Dub Pistols - I'm In Love
  11. Matisyahu - King Without A Crown
  12. Bootlegged - Apache King
  13. Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns
  14. The Knife - Silent Shout
  15. Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People
  16. Alice Russell - Humankind
  17. Dub Pistols - Back to Daylight
  18. Michelle Amador - Because of You
  19. Drummagik - Easy Boom
  20. The Specials - Message to you

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Never has my flavour of the month been so satisfied in a single CD.

Initially it was flicking through records - when i inquisitively put on Watching You by instra:mental, two things happened, (1) i instantly recognised it from hearing it somewhere before, and (2) i listened to the whole track from start to finish, loved it all over the place, and a relationship was born.

From then ive been mixing it, playing instra:mental tunes and mixes relentlessly, and from THAT ive moved into other similar style producers LIKE DBridge, and Alix Perez, Rockwell etc etc etc.

Well done sirs.

Then i found out they released the 50th Fabric Live CD! a high accolade indeed. Fantastic news all round. Had a listen this morning - typical of their style, it's not instant high impact BRRRRAAAAP drum n bass.... takes some building up.... some crescendoes that are satisfied, some that arent, with the pace slowly building throughout. I have to say initially i found myself waiting for something to happen but it was always satisfied with a swwiitch of some kind to a completely different style - albeit impressively without noticeable changeovers between tracks. very smooth all round.

standout tracks still definitely the opener, tune called 'seems like' by Riya - (just something a lil different is all), and im sorry, i know its predictable, but funk me that Watching You by instra:mental still makes my hairs stand on end, proper drift off into the distance bizness.

well done. i suggest you have a listen, maybe not when you're getting ready to go out, id say this is one for the long journey or 'while you're working'.

though that is not to suggest it is anything other than brilliant, which, truly, it is.

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Bit more of a personal note on this one:

2010 is going to be a huge huge year for me, getting married, going to Glastonbury immediately afterwards then onto some cloak and dagger destination for our honeymoon (i can only advertise on departure - for reasons that will become clear) with lots of other hopelessly disorganised plans gsupposedly taking place in between.

This means i will be both mentally busy, and mentally happy, for the next few months.

Few things to consider though, are that i'll be brassic (so number of podcasts likely to steadily increase!!) and also that im a money-hunting fool, meaning that all websites being made (something i do professionally) and evening DJing jobs have gone into overdrive!

I think with the coming year i'm going to keep a personal touch to the blog - going to be an exciting and hectic time, in terms of music and everything else - and i think having a record of all that goes on would be blooming lovely!

Cheers for reading my humble blog. Looking forward to seeing where I stand on the next personal article.... (hopefully Ange won't have got tired of me by then....)

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Right then - the hawk eyed amongst you will have spotted that there have been certain changes going on with both the blog site, and the home site www.stoppauseplay.net. thats becaaauuse its been a rebranding exercise y'all! last thing to go is the youtube channel and actually getting something USEFUL on the facebook page. then we're good to go!

Podcasts still trucking along - fantastic fun to put together. Mostly been listening to Joy Orbison and Instra:mental recently, that kind of glitchy-but-not, garage-inspired but bassier, up tempo but down beat sort of music, right where im at.

check these two mixes for the down low:

Joy orbisons mix for mary anne hobbs

Instra:mental mix @ Reach in Dublin

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