Is that time of year again folks... Anything Goes is recruiting for crackin DJ talent.

To give you a bit of background, the name of the game is variety - as much bloody variety as possible. We start with reggae/down tempo djs, moving up the tempo/genre with every set (everyone gets an hour) until the usual drum and bass to cap off the night. But it doesn't end there...

The onus is put on the DJs to play whatever the hell they want. There's no kudos here for the latest baddest most underground vinyl you've ever found. It's all on mixin your favourite tunes in whatever way you want. We've had 1Xtra DnB DJs open with A-Ha, we've had international Techno DJs finish with a rolling techno beat into Simply Red.

The creative floor is yours for the taking... and we've never staged an event that hasn't sold out in spectacular fashion.

If this sounds like your game, and you wanna play to an audience who appreciate diversity and creativity. Then leave a comment/mix-link in a comment under this post! Cheers.

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Attorney said...

It's great to be so inclusive and welcoming to fresh new talents -- giving that independence and responsibility for a whole dance floor. It's empowering (and fun).