ahhh the controversial choice of the electronica producer.

who has the knackers to produce a tune that includes different tempos at different parts? Veeerrryyy hit and miss. DJing wise it can be mare - imagine cue-ing up a track to realise its only gone and changed its bloody tempo!

Crowd wise it can be a smash hit (depending on the stubbornness of your audience). evvveerryone (who i know anyway) loves a spot of variety in a set - changing up the tempo gives a break or a new outlook on your set. controversial yet can pay off in the right climate.

The renowned 'festival set' style DJing where a maestro plays to a diverse crowd, and pulls out the variance to keep as many people happy as possible... could be a contender for a multi-tempo tune.

Personally I'm a fan. provides a breath of fresh air, and gives a DJ a whole new angle to create. Check out these two examples.

Dirtyphonics - Vandals

Danny Byrd - Weird Science

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