Personally, I think dubstep is the most hit and miss style of music ive come across.

From the days of old, when Night by Benga and Coki had just been released, Way of the Dub was floating around - old Dub-Heads got excited that somebody had just given a line of speed to their preferred genre of reggae and now it had the capacity to blow the roof off.

From those dingy clubs in West Croydon, or St Pauls in Bristol, where revellers approached it with an adoration that can only be found in new styles of music that can be a little edgy at first. Maybe it was the fact Dubstep can sound utterly bloody ridiculous from an outsiders point of view, that leaves you wanting more if only through sheer curiosity...

Anyway it caught hold of something, the latest interest in ketamine went hand in hand with down tempo dancing and club revelling and so it remains. One thing has changed though.

Literally 2-3 years ago, dubstep was considered by many to be dark, sinister, underground, 'new-wave', now its everywhere!! Skreams remixes are supremely radio happy on occasion - La Roux and the Klaxons for example. Chase and Status are not only all over every radio1 show, they're playing the 'big weekend' in Swindon alongside Alesha Dixon and N-Dubz?! hardly the most underground of ventures. (Though admittedly I thought they looked bloody good).

So what does this mean for Dubstep? a prolonged presence on the dance scene a la Chicago house? or fizzling out before anyone can say 'yeah i remember that!' ?. With rising stars like Nero, Synkro, DJ Wedge, Reso & Roguestar, more people are coming to the scene. I'm hoping it sticks around, but in the style that we are used to - half of which appeals for a catch, the other half assualts your ears.

PS - Im all for the jump up (Skream) and laid back (Pinch) Dubstep, but I like music with a crescendo unless I'm going to sleep to it - dunno about you but sometimes with techy dusbtep in a club i feel like the audience is lacking direction and just ends up looking accusingly at each other rather than dancing madly (as i feel should really be the purpose of going to a club)

Just my opinion.... i dont go to a club to stand still....

Anyway I'll be at as much dubstep as possible at Glasto this year - I'm sure they'll pull it out of the bag like they did last year...

Things I will mostly be listening to....

Streets - Blinded by the lights (Nero Remix)

Synkro - Dub Specialist

Rusko - Scareware (ft Clipz)

Dutty Dubz - Gameboy Love

Tryptomatik - Babylon System

Dava Gahan - Saw Something (Skream Remix)

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