If you're one of those cats (just like me) who LOVES hovering round the dj booth just to see what goes on in the mystery world of the dj booth. If you're a budding dj and you want to see whether your favourite DJ favours the cross fader over the up fader, the EQ over the cut, who knows, then drum and bass arena have just got it spot on.

Check out D&BTV on youtube. Basically what theyve done is take well known djs, and film them from above and in front djing in a well-lit room, most commonly with a (low-volumed) MC to play whatever tunes they're keen on at that point. Artificial Intelligence, Goldie, Skream, Heist, J Majik and Wickaman have all got involved. Plus the video mixes are commonly round half an hour long (none of this ten minute youtube business!)

One of note for me (as you can tell by all his bloody tunes ive been posting all over the place) the Nero D&B-TV video is monster. The dubstep remix king on the well-lit video mix holds a lot of sway for me for you drum n bass and bristol dubstep and london dubstep heads!

check it out huuurrrrr - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIH15Jj5uVE

PS - Check out Nero's Wayne's World style garms and dancing (particularly at around 8:13), fair shout me ol son, for such a fierce producer you pull out all the stops when it comes to the threads!

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Mmm that is the question.

Stop Pause Play is predominantly about providing exposure for music and related culture that surrounds the music scene favoured by us, which, coincidentally, seems to be favoured by most in Bristol. That is, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Breaks, and Reggae predominantly. You can see the pattern of genres including that boom-boom-POW! Style of music that we all bloody love round here. Additionally if ever the mood grabbed us, we might drop in a little house music, techno, minimal or dare I say it a spot of trance or hip hop when the time calls for it.

At this point I would like to make clear this is not a Bristol-only piece, the music we shout about has an impact aaallll over and trying to centralize such a global phenomenon to one small city would be foolhardy.

So why should I care?

If you’re the type of cat who likes the aforementioned genres, and you love being introduced to new music you didn’t know before, or getting kept up to date on news that you otherwise would hear from your friends - the latest Dubstep remix, Drum and Bass Mixes, European Techno Music... Breakbeat bootlegs....

Do you want the hottest tip on which small time DJ is gonna make it, or even to get yourself the leg up by contributing an article or a video mix and having it watched by hundreds of people?

We love the idea of contributors as much as we appreciate all our readers. If you want to get involved just email mike@stoppauseplay.net and he’ll have a chat with you! If you have ever wanted to do a little music/dance-culture journalism then this could be your starting point!

Like I say, give us a shout with any questions you may have.

Safe! x

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If you have ever DJ'd or watched a DJ, I have no doubt you will have some idea where I'm coming from.

The complexity of what to open with is no more apparent than with jump up music - big bassline breaks and house, or drum and bass. When you're playing to an immensely impatient audience, you have a matter of minutes to catch their attention.

Personally I've always been a fan of the epic opener, something that really makes an impact (you know, one of those tunes you have to open with because the opening of the vinyl is so hectic you couldnt possibly beat match it? see below for examples!)

Andy C is known drum-n-bass-wide for destroying the crowd in the first couple of minutes. Revellers have grown to expect it.

As a DJ, you may have no idea of what the DJ before you is like - maybe they're shit? in which case you need to win the crowd back to the dance floor and acheive associated legendary status. Maybe they're amazing? (nightmare) in which case you have to claw with all your might and stand up to their outweighing you in ability through sheer bullet-proof tune selection; all of which, will be summed up, in one track. Your opener.

How do you tell an audience what to expect in one song? Open with a drawn out, steadily building up number if your set is going to progress slowly but surely, layer upon layer, to the sort of techno/house style smooth crescendo. Contraversely, if you're playing drum and bass, figure out two tunes that mix easily, and well, and quickly (no easy feat), and you practice that mix, again, and again, and again. If you smash it, that's it, the crowds round your lil finger for at least 20 minutes.

I feel like other genres, dubstep, breaks, that kind of thing, that encompass so many different styles of music, and not so immediately crescendo based neccessarily, you can afford to mix it up a bit, show the crowd some variety from the off. Suprise them, but remember you cant get away with a bootleg for too long... you dont want to wind up the crowd for too long with out delivering the suspected satisfaction, you might find people have left before the tune even starts!

Anyway ive got a few options for you for a coupla genres - opinions greatly appreciated! feel free to drop your ideas in a comment - always fascinated to see how our thoughts compare to others....

drum and bass

sub focus - special place

sparfunk - dimension x

dj fresh - x project


plump djs - system addict

dopamine - hold you

bassbin twins - woppa

cut and run - reggaeton


Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko remix)

Bass Nectar - Heads Up (California Style)

Distance - Night Vision (Skream remix)


Crookers - Big Money Comin

La Mode - Buy Now For Sale

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Angello remix)

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Is that time of year again folks... Anything Goes is recruiting for crackin DJ talent.

To give you a bit of background, the name of the game is variety - as much bloody variety as possible. We start with reggae/down tempo djs, moving up the tempo/genre with every set (everyone gets an hour) until the usual drum and bass to cap off the night. But it doesn't end there...

The onus is put on the DJs to play whatever the hell they want. There's no kudos here for the latest baddest most underground vinyl you've ever found. It's all on mixin your favourite tunes in whatever way you want. We've had 1Xtra DnB DJs open with A-Ha, we've had international Techno DJs finish with a rolling techno beat into Simply Red.

The creative floor is yours for the taking... and we've never staged an event that hasn't sold out in spectacular fashion.

If this sounds like your game, and you wanna play to an audience who appreciate diversity and creativity. Then leave a comment/mix-link in a comment under this post! Cheers.

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ahhh the controversial choice of the electronica producer.

who has the knackers to produce a tune that includes different tempos at different parts? Veeerrryyy hit and miss. DJing wise it can be mare - imagine cue-ing up a track to realise its only gone and changed its bloody tempo!

Crowd wise it can be a smash hit (depending on the stubbornness of your audience). evvveerryone (who i know anyway) loves a spot of variety in a set - changing up the tempo gives a break or a new outlook on your set. controversial yet can pay off in the right climate.

The renowned 'festival set' style DJing where a maestro plays to a diverse crowd, and pulls out the variance to keep as many people happy as possible... could be a contender for a multi-tempo tune.

Personally I'm a fan. provides a breath of fresh air, and gives a DJ a whole new angle to create. Check out these two examples.

Dirtyphonics - Vandals

Danny Byrd - Weird Science

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Lil mix as a response to the below article - tried to include all the jump up, varied mixing and multi-genres to give you a feel for what im on about...

1. Cotti & Cluekid - Sensi Dub
2. Skream - Filth
3. Dutty Dubs - Gameboy
4. Butterfish - Fullness (Marlow Remix)
5. Massive Attack - Teardrop
6. Kromestar - Kalawanji
7. Unknown - No no no (Dawn Penn Remix)
8. Bass Nectar - Heads Up (California Style)
9. High Contrast - If We Ever

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