Mmm that is the question.

Stop Pause Play is predominantly about providing exposure for music and related culture that surrounds the music scene favoured by us, which, coincidentally, seems to be favoured by most in Bristol. That is, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Breaks, and Reggae predominantly. You can see the pattern of genres including that boom-boom-POW! Style of music that we all bloody love round here. Additionally if ever the mood grabbed us, we might drop in a little house music, techno, minimal or dare I say it a spot of trance or hip hop when the time calls for it.

At this point I would like to make clear this is not a Bristol-only piece, the music we shout about has an impact aaallll over and trying to centralize such a global phenomenon to one small city would be foolhardy.

So why should I care?

If you’re the type of cat who likes the aforementioned genres, and you love being introduced to new music you didn’t know before, or getting kept up to date on news that you otherwise would hear from your friends - the latest Dubstep remix, Drum and Bass Mixes, European Techno Music... Breakbeat bootlegs....

Do you want the hottest tip on which small time DJ is gonna make it, or even to get yourself the leg up by contributing an article or a video mix and having it watched by hundreds of people?

We love the idea of contributors as much as we appreciate all our readers. If you want to get involved just email and he’ll have a chat with you! If you have ever wanted to do a little music/dance-culture journalism then this could be your starting point!

Like I say, give us a shout with any questions you may have.

Safe! x