Riiiiggghhhht on.

If you've read the title to this article you're probably thinking of some spineless bastard like 'cascada' or some other chart topping fly-by-night-funky-handbag-house vocalist who somewhere along the line has 'teamed up' with the blonde guy from mccfly to make an acoustic 'b-side' to one of their tracks..... well, hopefully you aren't.

Ed Solo & Skool of Thought, got absolutely mad skills across a number of genres, big players in DnB, Breaks, and increasingly dubstep. Check out the acoustic version of their album track 'We Play The Music'.

Like you acoustic versions of dance tracks make me cringe, but this is absolutely a killer and it needs to be listened to!

Ed Solo & Skool of Thought feat. Darrison - We play the music (acoustic)

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