Andy C, by far the best known drum and bass dj and aaalways winning the DnB mixing awards left right and centre. So how is it done?!

Right I have previously been fortunate enough to stand in a DJ booth alongside Andy C for a 90min set he played in Cardiff (I was sound engineering at University at the time so I abused my knowing-the-crew-privileges...) and I think I've got the theory sussed.

Essentially the man knows his tunes bloody well. he knows exactly where to start a track so that the drops come in at the same time without even hardly looking at the record. now i know this might sound REALLY OBVIOUS. but he will literally put the needle half a centimetre into the record, push it off IMMEDIATELY and within 15 seconds you got both tunes rolling into the one big climax. not only that, he will then leave it for the rest of the track! without touching anything! (usually) thats some seriously swift beat matching.... anyone who's tried fast and furious DnB mixing will know how hard this is. craziness.

Another thing, the main cutting from one track to another is all up faders and occasional touches of EQ. BUT a huge amount of the chopping and changing between tunes (when both are rolling) is on the rotary filters, (most famously found on the Allen & Heath Xone:92) commonly set to half way between mild and wild. just to give that cool ssshhhhhh sound but also wipe the bass when required...

In terms of set construction it usually goes - big jump up intro (after the obligatory ten minutes lateness, plus another five minutes rearranging the dj booth to suit him.... nightmares...) continuing to further big jump up for another ten or fifteen, always with the odd classic dropped in underneath a new track, im talkin.... 'share the fall' by roni size, 'renegade snares' by omni trio or 'all that jazz' by dj fresh. Often around two thirds of the way into a set it is calmed down some, with some liquid numbers, and not so much bangin between tunes, this will then pick up towards the end, obviously with the last double drop to finish, usually involving some immensely hot off the press promo-of-a-promo-of-a-promo from TC, sub focus or somebody else on Ram Records, (again, anything with a monster intro).

So that's my brief summary... Always find myself uber impressed at how easy he makes it look but then if you're gonna be doing something solidly for around 25 years then why not i guess... i'm impressed his ears still work anyway.

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