If you're one of those cats (just like me) who LOVES hovering round the dj booth just to see what goes on in the mystery world of the dj booth. If you're a budding dj and you want to see whether your favourite DJ favours the cross fader over the up fader, the EQ over the cut, who knows, then drum and bass arena have just got it spot on.

Check out D&BTV on youtube. Basically what theyve done is take well known djs, and film them from above and in front djing in a well-lit room, most commonly with a (low-volumed) MC to play whatever tunes they're keen on at that point. Artificial Intelligence, Goldie, Skream, Heist, J Majik and Wickaman have all got involved. Plus the video mixes are commonly round half an hour long (none of this ten minute youtube business!)

One of note for me (as you can tell by all his bloody tunes ive been posting all over the place) the Nero D&B-TV video is monster. The dubstep remix king on the well-lit video mix holds a lot of sway for me for you drum n bass and bristol dubstep and london dubstep heads!

check it out huuurrrrr - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIH15Jj5uVE

PS - Check out Nero's Wayne's World style garms and dancing (particularly at around 8:13), fair shout me ol son, for such a fierce producer you pull out all the stops when it comes to the threads!

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