Right first album shout - think this album is getting on a bit now but i've only just discovered it's brilliance.

To give you a bit of background - the Dub Pistols came about in the 90s, hailing from London in the thick of the big beat scene, riding the popularity of this style of music in that era. The genre slowly phased out but Dub Pistols have marched on without being affected - this in part owing to their insanely catchy tracks, universal appeal and energetic live performances.

Particularly a festival favourite for me. You know that time on a Saturday afternoon at a festival where you're feeling like death from overdoing it on the Thursday & Friday night, imagine rocking up to a middle-sized tent to see a load of breakbeat/reggae with some cheerful entertaining hip hoppers and female vocals to knock your heels to. Perfect.

This article particularly points at their most recent album - Rum & Coke, which they are touring right now. They keep pumping out the happy tunes, fit for a summer time listen in the garden or perfect for sticking on in the motor. Definitely a recommendation for this crew.

Here's a link to Back to Daylight and I'm in love - the album opener and my personal favourite (in that order), I stongly suggest you sneak a listen...

Dub Pistols - Back to Daylight
Dub Pistols - I'm in Love

PS - bit slow on the updating at the moment - working on a reggae-influenced-dubstep mix, pretty bloody niche i know but some people might like it!

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