im going to say no.

Theres a snobbery amongst certain musical folk towards garage. You don't see it represented at your boho-festivals like the big chill, glastonbury, bestival... that kind of thing. where are DJ EZ and Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown when the festivals be'gwarn?? somewhere else clearly.

Some have even gone so far as to say that it is most commonly followed by chavs, or those with low musical integrity, and lumped it into not-to-be-taken-seriously categories alongside happy hardcore, toycore, breakcore, (anything else ending in 'core').

But I BEG to differ. As many of you will know, dubstep revellers (particularly those who like jump-up dubstep, not the trendy kensington crowd that Burial brought in with his mercury music prize nomination) frequently have a soft spot for the drum n bass..... AND those who have a soft spot for drum and bass (in my experience) have graduated from listening to radio happy garage music into their newly acquired 'heavier' drum and bass ways. This means, like it or not, a LOT of people will have been through a phase of listening to the occasional garage tune, some will have heard certain tracks on the radio and liked them but never admitted to liking them....

Anyway without further ado, here are some of those classic tunes, some you might remember (without knowing why you remember them) others you will and others you will not know at all.... see what you think....

Future Underground Nation - It's The Way
Double 99 - RIP Groove
187 Lockdown - Gunman
K-Ci & Jo Jo - Tell Me It's Real
DJ Deekline - I Don't Smoke
Y Tribe - Enough is Enough
Lovestation - Teardrops

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