ahhh yes a bit of that liquid drum n bass, the 'smooth grooves' of an otherwise mental genre, always good if you want something a lil easier on the ears.

Synonyms for this genre of music as follows:
  • wine-bar drum and bass
  • summertime drum n bass
  • laid back drum n bass
  • handbag drum n bass
like it or loathe it, you can't deny the impact that liquid drum n bass has had on a scene predominantly reserved for brockin out high-energy clubbing! folks of note - calibre, high contrast, ltj bukem (of course) to name but a few...

Here are a few tracks to get you started!

Calibre & High Contrast - The Other Side
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (I Need You)
Calibre & High Contrast - Mr Majestik
DJ Marky - Moments of Lust
Pendulum - Sounds of Life

NB - I'll continue to add to this list as tracks occur to me!

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