I've spoken about this youtube video very briefly before, but on close examination, it gives away a lot about Skreams DJing style.

a) there's no laptop involved whatsoever (respect).
b) its sharp turns of the EQ on the 4 bars when both tunes are up
c) its big pushes on the up faders to do the mixing
d) cross fader typically used for maintenance - channel cutting etc, up faders do all the hard work
e) spin backs getting a reprise!

Also - loving the fearlessness of just throwing in a tune and mixing it on the fly - nuff time for that! plus the relentless chugging of Heineken in between mixes.... gotta factor that one into the equation with any spare second! big time dubstep mix anyway this one. not the slow kick off into the big tunes, love that, rolls slowly into it while he's gettin settled. fair play - on top of his game.

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