This is a personal favourite - tunes like this never deserve to be shoved together in one go, its like people who do "[some genre] with Vocals" mix tapes - variety is the spice of life son! get some damn instrumentals in there you big girls blouse!

Anyway, that aside, a tune with a good piano riff, be it floaty and classical, or sharp and ol'skool style, always goes down well. So i've decided to cobble together a few under one roof... see what u think. Still lookin for a relevant dubstep remix - i'll get on it!! - except that Nero/Fresh remix I posted the other day has piano in it but what kind of twat shouts the same tune in adjacent posts?! damn sure. anyway here's the link again.... errr.... DJ Fresh - Hypercaine (Nero Remix)


Liquid - Sweet Harmony
Ratpack - Searchin for my Rizla
Bizarre Inc - Playing with knives
Prodigy - Your Love


Groove Armada - Easy
Praised Cats - Shined On Me

Drum n Bass

Calibre - Hypnotize
Craggz & Parallel Forces - Love Insane
DJ Marky - Misto Quente VIP
Renegade - Terrorist
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (High Contrast Remix)

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