Dubstep is not only good for the head banging drum n bass crew who like big drops and chunky beats or hoover basslines. no no no! There are several tunes that fall into that chillout category. Now I know that it's a whole new ball game when you start thinking of chill-out music... and this may disincline some of you to continue.

Allow me to suggest some notions that jump to mind when somebody tells me they are listening to 'chill out music':
  • they want to be a hippy
  • they're stoned
  • they burn too much incense
  • they have those massive throw things on their walls
  • they're a vegetarian/vegan
  • they have an acoustic guitar, that they may or may not know how to play
  • they don't shower enough.
BUT dubstep, in a similar fashion to LTJ Bukem in the jungle days, has continued this trend of hectic music turned-sophisticated.

Here are a few ambient dubstep tracks to be getting on with:

Emiliana Torrini - Ha Ha (Bassleak Dubstep Remix)
Burial - Unite
Synkro - Dub Specialist
Scuba - Subaqueous
Radikal Guru vs The Scientist - No Good
Radikal Guru - Dreamin

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