This is the first in a series of articles to do with the 'soundtrack' to daytime activities....

If you, like me, enjoy listening to music in WHATEVER you're doing, then you probably have a few choice tracks that you like according to the particular situation you're in. Certain music for waking up to, certain music for getting ready to go out to. etc etc etc.

This is a follow on from a couple of previous posts that have inspired this 'series'.....

The first, as the observant amongst you will have noticed is what music to listen to when going to work. This is a troublesome time... inevitably in a bad mood, late, too hot or too cold, and generally your only salvation will come from whatever you are listening to.

You need something that will turn you mood around, get you revved up. I appreciate some will have hour long journey times and others will have 5mins, those with shorter journeys will have to make their selection wisely!!

My criteria for this time of day is something with a pulse, but maybe not too damaging on the ears in case to ease the transition from asleep to awake: here are a few to be getting on with as usual....

Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown - It's Love (Trippin')
Nero - Do You Wanna
DJ Marky & XRS - No Time To Love
Mauro Picotto - New Time, New Place
Deadmau5 - I Remember
Stanton Warriors - Still Here

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