As the observant amongst you will have noticed.... the below post features a tune easily applied to a long journey where commonly you are staring out of a window whilst travelling on some mode of transport. Everyones been there, you're bored, and the only way to get through is to put some awesome tunes on your ipod and lose yourself following ridiculous thought tangents and generally drifiting off.

It has since occurred to me, this could be applied to several OTHER situations. You know when you need some music that isn't like BOOOOM in your face with all kinds of mad shit coming out of the speakers, but then at the same time you dont want some fluffy floaty "ambient" tunes that will only succeed in sending you to sleep.

The fact that I would describe these tunes as a compromise between the two, by no means assumes that they are average... au contraire! HOPEFULLY you'll see what I mean about the scenarios in which such a compromise of hectic and ambient isi required.
  • When on a long journey looking out of a window
  • When revising or otherwise working
  • When walking to (not from) work (from = happier = more upbeat)
  • When having a bath during the day (not in the evening)
  • To have on the car stereo the first time you take a girl out in your car (it's a happy medium to test the water with music taste of said new girl)
Here are my suggestions to back up such a ridiculous introduction to an alleged genre of tunes....

Meck ft. Dino - Feels Like Home
Pig & Dan - Eiffel Nights
Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast Remix)
Alex Dolby - Hazy Way (Evil 9 Remix)
Leftfield - Dusted
Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit? (Stanton Warriors Remix)

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