Saw this over the weekend and it made me chuckle - introduced to me by my dear brother in law...

Ever find yourself bored lounging around on a laptop looking for a means to kill time when ill/broke etc etc? Check this out

You can actually piece together your own dubstep tunes online. Obviously its a gadget for messin about and not a serious production tool! just if someone is not to be trusted in the music production department but fancies a bit of messin about then have a look.

Doesn't half inspire you to thinking you're the next Skream/Joker...

PS - More music related blog articles to come. Listening to Music over the internet is buggered on home pcs at the moment, we are however looking for people to contribute articles of their own! whether it be a tune they've written, a mix they've done, or they just wanna shout about some new/old releases or anything that has been bothering them of late!

Just get in touch via Peace!

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