DDRRRROOOPPPP. If being into trance when i was 15/16 has taught me anything, (and don't stop reading at this point) it's that a big CRESCENDO is always a winner in a club, or in a tune, or a dj set, or bloomin anything.

It's one of the reasons Andy C is a certifiable bad man, he takes one big crescendo, and drops it with another big crescendo. 2 x big drop = twice as mental. you do the math. One trouble I have always found is that I never find tunes like this in a record shop, im too impatient, and i dont listen to the track long enough to appreciate the suspense. You know, when the beat breaks, to near silence, then layer on layer, drums on drums, bass on bass and BOOM it all comes in one go, lights go mental, folks jumpin around, drinks thrown in the air. Smack my bitch up is a prime example of a slightly overplayed but fantastically well conjured up drop.

I'm sorry to take a poke at this point - but herein lies my gripe with minimal. Music should have an IMPACT, it should MEAN SOMETHING. Especially when you've paid good money to go out and party! not stand near enough still and 'appreciate the layers'. Anyway thats an argument for another day....

Heres a few for you to be getting on with as usual. At some point in each of these tracks whether it be the start or the middle, you will find a big ass crescendo!!

Drummatic Twins - Feelin Kinda Strange (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer M
John B - Red Sky
Hybrid - Finished Symphony
Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
Dizzee Rascall - Bonkers (Doorly Dubstep Remix)
Tryptomatik - Babylon System

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