Sorry for the brief hiatus!! I've had a hectic couple of weeks, became an uncle on Saturday - massive MASSIVE congrats to my brother and his dear other half, the baby is absolutely gorgeous, mother and child are both fine after a lengthy and nervous Saturday!

In other news, I've been busy figuring out how to turn this ere blog into a podcast of sorts.... might sound easy, but i can assure you, im managing to find it difficult! Apparently you need a certain amount of chinwagging to qualify to be listed on iTunes or something like that? Not the biggest fan of the sound of my own voice, maybe I'll just have to take all the inevitable abuse that my mates will give me and man up and actually talk.... gotta be on iTunes havent you?! iTunes is the nuts, just like iMacs, iPods and iPhones, just got myself an iPhone, they're a life changer. Official. My girlfriend has no time for it at all.

Bit of a music update before i get back onto figuring out this bloody podcasting business - one tune has been PARTICULARLY floating my boat of late. massive massive tune - instra:mental getting bigger and bigger on the scene in the producer market. Check out Watching You, this is one to be listened to LOUD in your headphones, just cos its one of those spacey-all-consuming tunes know what i mean? and a dubstep equivalent too - Synkro with Inhale, also a bad-ass spacey tune..

Check this business!

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