Massive apologies to all crew.

I was battered when i recorded this mix - no chat, no tracklist.

If anyone listening owns d'ese tunes and wants it taken down you let me know ill do it. Coz for the life of me I got thousands of tunes and i dunno what half of them are on this mix. Massive apology to anyone who wanna know wha'pen!

Tap me up on email if you gotta particular tune you wanna know about I'll do me best....

Podcast back on form next time i promise - gots to lay off the drinkin so hard next time n ill know whats occurrin on me own decks.

BIG shout to my brother - this mix basically for him, him and other half just had the most gorgeous kid ever. I'm the proudest uncle anyones ever seen. Congratulations Pat and Kiran. Ya Dun Kno'!!!

Here's to the next podcast anyway, professional vibes on the horizon ya hurd!

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