With artists now realising the money is in live performance, as record sales are plummeting, its done nothing if not kick a few bands into shape and get them to play live to the audiences who are dying to see them on tour.

Time spent bouncing around various gigs/performances on YouTube is always justified when you come across an absolute winner of a tune played live with devastating effect. I've decided to post a few examples of what I'm on about. Some I was at, and some that I wish I was....

First up is Daft Punk. I wasn't actually at this gig, but as anyone who knows Daft Punk will be aware, they mash up their own tunes from inside their world famous light-show pyramid (which incidentally looks like this from their view)

This particular video of their mash up between the two classics - Aerodynamic and One More Time, the crowd reaction says it all.

Second up is Chemical Brothers @ Glastonbury 2007 playing Star Guitar, in my view one of the greatest festival tunes to watch live of all time. Chemical Bros always put on a huge show, and Star Guitar is that ultimate mix of electronica and happy festival feeling... perfect to get the dancing shoes on for a festival (aaargh i cant wait until glastonbury this year!! chemical brothers are rumoured - but with orbital and faithless already as good as confirmed where the hell will they be on the bill if they are playing???)

Thirdly and finally - bit off kilter but this always makes my hairs stand on end, just because you can see the band really appreciating the ridiculous crowd reaction. Fiancé took me to see FLC in Bristol recently as part of my christmas present and it was absolutely brilliant. Fair play - Huey is such a legend

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