High Contrast.... ahhh Lincoln, breathing life into the drum and bass scene for the budding bass music nerd - offering hope to those who have swapped the tracksuit bottoms and a burberry hat, for a cup of tea and an old cardigan.

If We Ever and the Adele remix (hometown glory for those of you who've been on another planet) sprung Linc into the limelight with the easiest tunes to mix, as well as being intensely happy and generally timeless. Lest we forget absolute boom-town classics like Days go by, twighlights last gleaming (happiest dnb tune of all time? check yourself via this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lF0WTMqc1k ) and lesser spotted favourite of mine - mr majestik and the other side in collab with Northern Irish Drum n bass rarity Calibre.

High Contrast is now established as the Welsh poster-boy for geeks into DnB on the side when not analysing art-nouveua film productions and checking out free galleries.

But has Nero offered a route into Dubstep in a similar fashion? Absolutely plain looking in appearance, quite easily aspired to by those leaving their school years with a midi keyboard and a set of decks in their bedroom at their parents. AND they make HUGE remixes of tunes that are otherwise 'radio'hits.

Check these for example. Massive entries into the bootleg remix market on the dubstep scene, it has to be said - they could sound fairly similar, but if the first remix was brilliant.... if it ain't broke....

Check it out.

The Streets - Blinded by the lights (Nero rmx)

MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero rmx)

Calvin Harris - You used to hold me (Nero rmx)

Deadmau5 - Ghosts and stuff (Nero rmx)

DJ Fresh - Hypercaine (Nero rmx)

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