Latest signing on hospital records, even Tony Colman described him in the same breath as a young High Contrast on a podcast not so long ago.

Got that Lincoln-style melodic sounds, soaring vocals with a warm bassline underneath and the occasional chainsaw electro where suitable.

Check out Eyes Closed - newer release of his here. Lush play on the vocals -

And of course 'I Refuse', the tune that cracked him onto the scene.

Unlikely to be at the top of a bill, but have a gander, he might just make the main event look a bit shit.

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Apologies for the brief hiatus.

Amongst other things we're tied up in weddings (my own), moving from bristol to london and changes in employment. Back on the case now so all is well for the forseeable.

Few important things to bring up that have come to light over the last few weeks

1. Have you heard the Breakage essential mix?! its fierce. for someone to mix such a diversity of music, and find that fantastic mid-point between trying-too-hard and drawn-out-and-boring, is quite an acheivement! If you're even remotely interested in dubstep, squeaks and bleeps house and alt-drum n bass then i strongly recommend a listen, one of the best I've heard in ages.

2. Been trying to listen to 'new' music still. One is Indian influenced dance style music - the soaring vocals and tribal percussion can be devastating when pulled off. I recommend 'Transglobal Underground'. Soon to be near-headlining the Avalon stage on Friday at Glastonbury, definitely worth a listen.

3. Also the impending popularity of gypsy/balkan influence with house music. One that springs to mind is Sebastian Leger's 'Balkamaniac'. You can check it out here. . Traditionally I like to jump head first onto the bandwagon of this-music-is-immediately-very-annoying, but i've grown increasingly fond of the summer-style happiness it comes with.

4. And finally, have you heard the new chemical brothers tune!? absolutely blinding, always amazed by the Chems, dont know how they keep it up after so long at the top of their game. Maximum MAXIMUM respect. Here's to hoping they'll satisfy the 'strong rumour' of a Glastonbury performance, I can't begin to describe how happy that would make me, possibly the biggest live dance heavyweight in the industry, never having damaged their integrity (a la Prodigy) and always deliver a huge performance. Check out the Youtube video here.

Lots of love to all - I'm back on it now so i'll stay in touch!

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